Lesson 4: Finishing Up

If you clicked the “Click Here to Continue” button after finishing the quiz, you’ll be directed here to Lesson 4.

Notice that there are no final exams. You’re tested with quizzes as you go through the material. Once you’ve marked each lesson and topic complete and have successfully passed the quizzes, you will be awarded a certificate of completion that you can print up.

Important note: All lessons and topics must be marked complete before you are issued your certificate of completion.

If you haven’t been assigned a certificate, check that all lessons and topics have checkmarks and that the course progress bar is full.

Let’s mark this lesson as complete so you can get your certificate. A link to it will appear at the top of the Course page, and you can access it any time, by coming back to this course.

The certificates look nice, have Erik Dalton’s signature, and your date of completion for CE reporting.

Ready? Here we go… drum roll please. Mark complete now!