Lesson 2: Topics

Good work. You made it to the second lesson. That was easy enough, wasn’t it.

Now, whereas a Lesson page covers a major idea or concept, Topic pages break down the lesson into manageable bite-sized pieces. If a Lesson is like a chapter in a book, a Topic is all the material under one heading.

You’ll see these topics listed in two places:

  1. At the bottom of a Lesson page
  2. In the navigation menu.

Look below, and you’ll see three Topic pages listed: Topic Page 1, Topic Page 2, etc. If you look at the navigation menu to the left (it will be below if you’re on a phone), you’ll see Lesson 2 expanded and each of the topics underneath it.

[Note: If you return to this page, you’ll notice that some of the bullets beside the topics have a grey checkmark. We’ll talk about this shortly. If all the bullets have a grey checkmark, click the “Mark Complete” button for this lesson to move on to the next lesson.]

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Click “Topic Page 1” below to continue.