Lesson 3: Quizzes

Well done!

Now that you know how to navigate through Lesson and Topic pages and how to track your progress through a course, let’s take a look at quizzes.

Quizzes reinforce the information you’ve just learned and help you recognize gaps in your knowledge. In most courses, the quiz marks will be the basis for passing a course, and no big final exam is required. If you do not pass a quiz, you can review the material and do it again.

Sometimes, you’ll find a quiz associated with a Topic, and sometimes a quiz will be associated with a Lesson. You’ll see the quiz link at the bottom of the page under any topics. Not every lesson or topic will have an associated quiz.

Where a quiz exists, you won’t see a “Mark Complete” button. Instead, you’ll have to complete the quiz. If you get a mark of 80% or higher, the lesson or topic will be automatically marked complete for you, and you’ll move on to the next lesson or topic.

Rather than describe the quiz process, let’s do one. Click the “Quiz About Quizzes” link below.