Topic Page 5

This is the last topic in a lesson. When you mark the last topic as complete, you’ll be redirected back to the lesson page for this topic.

After you click the “Mark Complete” button on this topic, check the grey checkmarks beside the lessons and topics, either in the left-side navigation or in the index you’ll see below the content.

A the checkmark indicates a topic or lesson is complete. This allows you to track what topics you’ve studied and which ones you still need to complete. You’ll see that topics 2 to 5 will have checkmarks beside the title. (If you’ve been following instructions, that is.)

So again, click the “Mark Complete” button on this page and then use what you’ve learned to navigate to ‘Lesson 2: Topic 1’ and mark it as complete. After that, go to “Lesson 3: Quizzes”