Exciting news from our end! It’s taken us a year to complete, but we’re now transitioning from DVDs to USBs for all our Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT) home study courses. While many prefer the convenience of streaming video, we understand the appeal of owning something tangible. 

Unfortunately, DVDs and DVD players are going the way of the dinosaur. So, it was time to finally make the switch to USB. You probably call them flash drives, thumb drives, or memory sticks. Using them is a breeze! Plug the USB into any device – be it a computer, iPad, tablet, or phone (with the right adapter). Your device will instantly show you all the video files, ready to be played with a simple double-click.  We packaged the new USBs in sleek cases, perfect to sit next to your MAT manuals on your bookshelf.

We see that you got DVDs when you purchased one of our home study courses. Before we roll out the new USB home study courses, we’re offering you an exclusive 40% discount to replace your DVDs with the new USBs.

Important note: These are not the complete home study courses. These are the videos from each course on USBs to replace the DVDs from your previous purchase.

This offer is not public and is not published online. It is only available by clicking the link in this email.

Why not replace your DVDs now? Take advantage of this special offer and upgrade to USBs today.

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