Myoskeletal Mobilization Massage Techniques – USB (DVD Replacement)


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In this two USB set Erik Dalton takes you on a step-by-step journey through a full body routine that he uses almost daily in his practice. This course came about as the result of requests to expand on the popular Myoskeletal Spa Massage program. Erik includes additional techniques and has added a whole new section on what he refers to as bench work; massage done in a seated position. There are four sections: Prone, Sidelying, Supine, and Bench Work.  The techniques included in the Bench Work section offer alternate (and sometimes better) approaches for assessing and correcting soft tissue and bony restrictions in clients with neck, rotator cuff, ribcage and low back pain.

You may use these techniques in a relaxation massage and also as an efficient and effective method for assessing and correcting flexibility mobility issues, we see every day in our practices. Follow Erik along through this routine and you’ll learn lots of tips on proper body mechanics to add power and control to your hands-on work and to protect your body from injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and rotator cuff strain.

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[Note: This is not the complete home study package. This is the Myoskeletal Mobilization Massage videos only on USB drives. To obtain CE hours, complete the home study test or the ecourse that you received with your original order.]

2 USB Set (DVD Replacement)