Myoskeletal Spa Massage – USB (DVD Replacement)


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Erik Dalton has been developing this “stress-busting” routine in his private practice for several decades. Over the years he’s had many requests to present these 60 soft tissue mobilization techniques in a condensed spa format. This is his go-to session when clients come in with no specific pain complaint but just want a good relaxation routine to really loosen them up and get them moving better. While guiding you through this relaxation session, Erik will offer helpful tips for improving your own body mechanics to ensure longevity and to prevent injuries. Note that the video in this USB is also included in the Myoskeletal Mobilization Massage USBs.

We’re transitioning from DVDs to USBs for all our Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT) programs. If you’ve purchased the Myoskeletal Spa Massage DVD previously, you can take advantage of this exclusive 40% discount to replace your DVD with the new enhanced video on USB. Why not replace your DVD now?

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