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What’s this course about?

You need to know what the problem is before you can treat it. In the Essential MAT Assessments course, Erik Dalton teaches you 130 essential tests and assessments to discover what’s at the root of your client’s pain problem, so you can perform targeted, effective treatment that gets you results.

You’ll find the assessments organized in terms of the positioning of the client so you can be efficient moving from test to test. The assessments are further categorized under specific assessment goals for quick reference.

With each assessment goal you’ll find a key to treatment protocols within Erik Dalton’s fundamental and advanced MAT courses.

  • PPP = Posture Pain Performance
  • UB = Upper Body
  • LB = Lower Body
  • SAH = Shoulder, Arm & Hand
  • TT = Technique Tour
  • TTN = Treating Trapped Nerves
  • MIL = Motion Is Lotion
  • AOM = Art of MAT

If this is one of your first MAT courses have a look at this guided tour of how to Get The Most From Your Courses.

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